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Q1:I put a merge field in the wrong place in my main document. How do I get rid of it?
A1: Delete a merge field just as you delete all other fields: Select it and press the Delete key.
Q2:I used the Print link in the Mail Merge task pane to merge a data source with hundreds of records, only to realize that the main document contained a typo. I wasted more paper than I want to admit before I managed to delete the print job. How can I avoid this in the future?
A2: One option if you're planning to use the Print link to print a large number of letters is to specify in the Merge to Printer dialog box that you only want to print the first five records or so. If those documents look good, use the Merge to Printer option to print the remainder of the records.
Q3:The addresses on my merged labels are printing too close to the left edge of each label, and I want to adjust their vertical position as well. How can I do this?
A3: The easiest way to move the addresses in from the left is to increase the left indentation of your labels. Open the main document (your page of labels), choose Table, Select, Table to select the entire table, and then choose Format, Paragraph, and click the Indents and Spacing tab. Increase the setting in the Left text box, and click OK. To adjust the vertical position of the addresses on each label, select the entire table again, and choose Table, Table Properties. In the Table Properties dialog box, click the Cell tab. You can choose Top, Center, or Bottom to change the vertical alignment of each address within each cell. Or, if you just need to move the addresses down a little, click the Options button in the Cell tab. In the Cell Options dialog box, increase the value in the Top text box, and click OK twice.
Q4:I miss the Mail Merge toolbar that I used in previous versions of Word. Is it still available?
A4: Yes. If you would rather use the Mail Merge toolbar instead of the Mail Merge task pane, choose View, Toolbars, Mail Merge. The toolbar buttons give you access to all of the key mail merge tasks.
Q5:I'm using an Access table for my data source. If I want to sort my merged documents, do I sort the records in Access or follow the steps under “Sorting Records in a Merge”?
A5: If you're using an Access table, it's easiest to sort the records in Access before running the merge in Word, but either way works.
Q6:Can I use an Access query as my data source instead of filtering the records in Word?
A6: Yes. When you select an Access database (an .mdb file) that contains multiple tables and/or queries in the Open Data Source dialog box and click Open, Word displays the Select Table dialog box to enable you to select the table or query in the database that you want to use as your data source. (Word refers to Access queries as views.)



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