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Q1:How much of the page can I see onscreen?
A1: Assuming that you're using Word's default settings, you can probably see about one third of a page onscreen at a time.
Q2:How can I tell how many pages long my document is?
A2: The left third of the status bar shows you the current page and the total number of pages, separated by a slash. If you see 5/14, for example, you are currently on page 5 out of 14 pages.
Q3:When I tried to move text with drag-and-drop, it didn't work. What is wrong?
A3: Some people disable drag-and-drop if they find that they are moving text accidentally. If someone turned this feature off on your computer, you can turn it back on by choosing Tools, Options, clicking the Edit tab, marking the Drag-and-Drop Text Editing check box, and clicking OK.
Q4:If I use the Office Clipboard in a Word document and then close Word, does the Office Clipboard remain available?
A4: The Office Clipboard is available as long as you have at least one Office application open. If you want to use the Office Clipboard to cut or copy data in a non-Office application, display the Clipboard task pane first, and then switch to the application in which you want to cut or copy data. Select the item that you want to cut or copy and issue the Cut or Copy command. When you switch back to the Office application, you will see an icon for the item you just cut or copied on the Office Clipboard. When you close all Office applications, the Office Clipboard is cleared.
Q5:How exactly does the Office Clipboard relate to the Windows Clipboard?
A5: The Office Clipboard and Windows Clipboard are separate, but their functions overlap. When you cut or copy items to the Office Clipboard, the last item is placed on the Windows Clipboard. When you click the Paste button in the Standard toolbar (or choose Edit, Paste or press Ctrl+V), the item in the Windows Clipboard (the last item in the Office Clipboard) is pasted into your document. If you keep issuing the Paste command, this same item is pasted each time, until you cut or copy another item. Clicking the Clear Clipboard button in the Clipboard toolbar also clears the Windows Clipboard.



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