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Part: IV Adding Columns, Tables, and Ima... > Inserting Images, Drawing Shapes, an...

Hour 16. Inserting Images, Drawing Shapes, and Creating Text Effects with WordArt

One of the perks of using a powerful word processing program is that you get to put pictures in your documents. Images help break up the text, convey meaning, and grab the reader's attention. Plus they are just plain fun to work with. In this hour, you start by learning how to insert an image in your document. Word lets you insert images from a variety of sources. You can pull them from any folder on your own computer or network, or from Microsoft's clip art collections. And if you have a scanner or digital camera, you also have the option of importing images directly from the scanner or camera software into Word without first saving them to disk. You then learn how to draw shapes (this isn't as boring as it sounds) and use WordArt to create special effects with text. In this hour, you will focus on inserting images into your document. In the next hour, you will learn all manner of techniques for manipulating images that you've already placed in your document, including moving them, resizing them, and so on.

The highlights of this hour include

  • Inserting images from your disk or network

  • Inserting images directly from a digital camera or scanner

  • Inserting images from the Clip Gallery

  • Drawing shapes with the drawing tools

  • Dressing up your text with WordArt



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