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Q1:Why can't I just back up my entire computer and save myself the trouble of the desktop folder?
A1: There are programs that will back up your system, but doing so takes a lot of time and disc or media space. In addition, your system won't restore into a different motherboard or hardware configuration, and at a minimum, you'll need to reinstall Windows before you proceed.

That's fine for your system disaster recovery. But to get back a presentation that's due tomorrow, backing up your work locally on a regular basis is the best solution.

Q2:So, how do I find the template files I created?
A2: The easiest way is to use the Search command on the Start menu and set it for *.POT files (templates). It will also locate all the design and content templates that come with PowerPoint, but hopefully you can find the ones you created by name.

If you're using Windows XP Pro, the templates are probably in C:\Documents and Settings\[Your User Name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates.

Q3:How do I get my PowerPoint PPS file to be small enough to email?
A3: If it's almost small enough, select a picture and open the Picture toolbar. Use the Compress Image command to compress the selected picture, select Web/Screen for the output, and then select All Images in Presentation. Click Apply to make the show significantly smaller for email. If necessary, remove any extraneous pictures and sounds that you attached to clicks and animations. If it's still too big, consider mailing a CD with the packaged presentation.

Finally, remember to save a version of your file before you change the quality of your images.



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