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Q1:I want to take my printouts to a professional output service. What should I take them?
A1: You'll want to find an output service that accepts and understands Windows files, specifically PowerPoint. Write out the print options for them and ask to go over it with them.

Or, if you output the file to Word, you can have it output on a nice laser printer by anyone who knows how to press Ctrl+P on an MS Word file.

Q2:I want to print the best quality handouts and maintain the maximum quality of my images in PowerPoint. What should I print?
A2: Print slides, one per page, in the default landscape output. Make sure that you don't distort the look of any images when you import them by changing their dimensions, and don't compress your images using the Picture toolbar. Use the best possible printer, and if necessary, take your file to a service bureau, as described earlier.
Q3:How do I decide whether I want to print handouts or notes?
A3: Print handouts if you want to distribute copies of your slides to participants in a presentation, and use a configuration of slides per page that shows your slides well enough and leaves space you want for handwritten notes.

Print notes if you've added important information in the Notes panel for your audience or if you need a copy of the notes pages for yourself to prepare for a presentation.

Printing notes (like printing Slides) outputs one slide/note combination per page, with no additional configuration choices.



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