Perfecting Your Printouts 377 Figure 20.12. Bringing your slides into MS Word gives you the full functionality of a word processor. They form a table that you can edit and to which you can add comments or other elements (including a cover page, callouts, and so on). Note The Word document will be a large file and takes a few minutes to generate--the Power- Point content becomes a table in the Word document. Wait until your presentation is complete before sending it to Word, and if you like, paste a link to automatically update the result whenever you change, save, and close the Power- Point file, as shown in Figure 20.11. Finally, remember that your headers and footers must now be added in MS Word. Summary Like so many other aspects of PowerPoint, fine-tuning your printouts is a matter of practice and some trial and error. Remember to save the best options for fonts and design templates for your printouts for later reuse. With the latest version of PowerPoint, as we just saw, you can go a long way by using the Preview options in the Print dialog box to save yourself from printout mistakes and to create a document to supplement your talk.