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Q1:What's the difference between the Outline panel in PowerPoint and the Outline view in Microsoft Word?
A1: They're almost interchangeable. In fact, you can send a Word outline directly to PowerPoint to create slides and bullets, and send a PowerPoint outline directly to Word to create a document.

The key is that, whichever tool you use, you understand the title/bullet/sub-bullet hierarchy and work with the Outlining toolbar or the Tab/Shift+Tab keys to promote, demote, and move your items.

Q2:What's the difference between the Slides thumbnail panel and Slide Sorter view?
A2: The Slides thumbnail panel is a new feature in PowerPoint since 2002. It also enables you to zoom in on your slides, but it doesn't provide the functionality of Slide Sorter view. It's a quick way of seeing the content in your slides (which we'll cover shortly), but it doesn't give you as comprehensive an overview of the flow of your presentation.
Q3:I added text to my slide. Why isn't it in the outline?
A3: If your text is in a text box, it won't show up in the Outline. Only title and bullet text is available in Outline view. Multiple sets of bullets will also be shown.
Q4:What happens if I have not filled in a title placeholder for a selected slide and I create a summary slide?
A4: PowerPoint will create a generic bullet with the word Topic and the bullet number.
Q5:What happens if I use a numbered list in the Outline panel?
A5: Items in numbered lists can be promoted and demoted in the same way as bullets. I used bullets as examples because they're the building blocks of most PowerPoint slides.



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