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Q1:What if I link to the same slide from several presentations? How will the slide know which presentation to return to?
A1: A Return To button will always take you back to the slide you came from. If you're connecting to another presentation, just ending that presentation by pressing Esc or creating and using an End Slideshow button will do the trick.

If you're showing multiple presentations at the same time, you should practice using the Alt+Tab command to alternate between shows and programs. This is covered in Hour 24, “Expert Tips and Techniques.”

Q2:I want the user to be able to click through the show at his own pace. Should I copy and paste Next and Previous Slide buttons on every slide?
A2: That's certainly a way to do it—although remember that the user can also click through the slideshow without any buttons. But, for a professional look, consider putting the buttons on the Slide master (refer to Hour 12, “Customizing Your Presentation”). Just make sure that you don't cover the buttons that are on the master with objects on the slides themselves.
Q3:How do I access a local Web site as a hyperlink in PowerPoint?
A3: Create your Web site in a local folder and make sure that all the links still work. Then use the features in Windows XP to create a new network place inside your Network Places. When you create the new network place, open it, and copy and paste its location into the URL in the Hyperlink to dialog box.

With an actual Web location, you can also use the Insert, Hyperlink command on the main menu, which we'll cover in Hour 22.

But for now, consider simply using the Other File selection in Hyperlink to, and selecting the home page (or any other Web page) as the destination for the link.



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