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Hour 6. Introducing Content Layouts with Tables - Pg. 85

85 Chapter 6. Introducing Content Layouts with Tables In addition to the ability to edit our presentation and show it on the computer, one of PowerPoint's great advantages is the ability to creatively enhance its slides with content. If you look just below the text layouts in the Slide Layout task pane, you will find content-only layouts. Below those, you'll see combinations of text (bullets) and content. Using a content layout in PowerPoint gives us a choice to quickly create a slide with · Tables · · · · · Charts Clip art images Images from stored files Diagrams Media clips Each of these has its own particular uses and methods, and we'll spend the next several hours working with the various forms of PowerPoint 2003 content. Using Content Layouts We already saw a bit of the Slide Layout task pane when we created our basic title and bullets slide in our new presentation. When you click Insert, New Slide (Ctrl+M), the basic title and bullet layout is applied, and the Slide Layout task pane opens. If you drag through the task pane down past the text layouts, you can see the Content layouts, and the Content and Text layouts, as shown in Figure 6.1.