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Presentation Types

Here are just a few of the possible types of PowerPoint presentations discussed in the next 24 hours:

  • A speaker-supporting slideshow. This can be controlled with a mouse to augment a presentation. This is perhaps the most common PowerPoint application, with the usual titles, charts, and other visual elements, and it will probably be projected on a screen to an audience.

    You learn to make and show a presentation in a snap, and then add exciting components such as pictures, video, audio, and even Web content.

  • A self-running slideshow. This type of slideshow includes music or narration, and can be shown during a break to keep your audience interested (to raise funding or get some other response). This could also be used in a trade show kiosk to provide eye candy or information. If you have the right equipment, you can also record this slideshow to videotape for distribution.

  • An interactive slideshow. An interactive slideshow can be navigated by a user as a learning or promotional tool. With the new PowerPoint viewer in PowerPoint 2003, an interactive slideshow can be distributed on CD-ROM or even DVD to tell your story.

  • A full-color brochure. Instead of a desktop publishing program, you can easily print your PowerPoint slides in any standard or custom page size as a handout or flyer.

  • An interactive training presentation. Your show doesn't have to be linear—it can branch off to areas of interest expressed by your audience or even provide questions that other software tools can instantly tabulate in a database to educate an audience and provide instant feedback.

  • Conventional slides or overheads. As a backup, you can output your PowerPoint presentation to other media that might not be as exciting, but that make you more comfortable presenting in front of an audience.

  • An interactive Web site. PowerPoint 2003 makes it easier than ever to post your presentation online, or even broadcast it with active collaboration and participation over the Internet.



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