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Q1:What happened to Meeting Minder and Agendas? How do I keep track of stuff to assign or do offline during an event?
A1: Meeting Minder and Action Items—features that were part of PowerPoint 2002/XP—are no longer available in PowerPoint 2003.

The OneNote application, designed for the Tablet PC, can process your onscreen annotations for email and other tasks.

To easily assign tasks during a show, you can keep another application such as MS Word or Notepad open and access it using the Alt+Tab command described previously.

Q2:I love the way my automatic show plays by itself. Is there a way to output it to video?
A2: If you have a TV output on your PC (frequently used for DVD or for playing games), you can connect it to a VCR. This enables you to output your presentation to a videotape, which you can leave as a handout after your presentation. (Make sure that you also connect the line-out or speaker output from your PC to the line input of the VCR to get your audio.)

You can record such a tape by using automatic settings in your show (and adding narration or background music), or just click through the show in real time as you record it to tape. For best results, keep your mouse off screen and use keyboard commands to play the show as it records.

We cover conventional handouts in Hour 20, “Perfecting Your Printouts.”

Q3:When I package my presentation to CD, can I show it on a machine without PowerPoint?
A3: Theoretically, yes. There are some movies that might not play on another machine due to compression issues that we get into in Hour 23 “Advanced Video and Multimedia.” But the new PowerPoint viewer is part of the package you create, and it should enable you to play your show on any computer. We'll introduce this feature more fully in the next hour.



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