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Q1:Can you go over what is a master, what is a template, and what is a design template?
A1: We've seen two kinds of templates, but they're saved as design templates in the Templates folder. One is for content, and the other for the look of your slides, but both are saved in the Templates folder as *.POT files (as opposed to presentation files, which can be saved anywhere as *.PPT files).

Design templates are applied from the Slide Design task pane. They instantly give your slides a complete look. And if no template is applied, that is the default (or blank black-and-white) template.

In this hour, we went behind the façade of our templates to the Master views that control them. We can change the look of each template throughout the presentation by altering its Slide Master, and we have distinct and separate looks that we can use for the Title slide(s). You can have more than one Title slide.

When we've revised the look of a template in our Master view, we can reapply it to other slides in Slide Sorter, and save the new design as another design template to reuse again and again.

Q2:Why would I use more than one Title slide or more than one master?
A2: You might use more than one Title slide to introduce different sections of your presentation, and you might differentiate sections (Sales, Operations, Distribution) by giving each a different look by using the Master view.
Q3:What happens when a logo I put in the master is obscured on some slides?
A3: That's another good use of a second master. You can simply copy the properties of one master to another (after you Insert New Master), and move the logo to a different position where the elements you have added won't be obscured. Make one master with the logo in the lower right, and another with it in the upper left.



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