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Q1:What is Firewire and is it the same as DV? Is DV like DVD? And what is analog video?
A1: DV is another name for Firewire (also called i-LINK on Sony products). It's a specific format and mode of transfer for video between camcorders and computers.

If your computer supports Firewire, you can capture and convert DV video files into MPEG2 (DVD-compliant) video files, and burn them to a DVD disc with a menu interface with the appropriate hardware (DVD burner) and software.

Analog video is ordinary video from an older camcorder and VCR, which is transferred into your computer over a conventional video (RCA or S-VHS) cable and plug.

Q2:My analog capture card seems to be set up properly and the drivers are loaded, but I don't get a preview in Windows MovieMaker. What's wrong?
A2: Go into the utility program for your device and make sure that your analog source is set correctly. Depending on the cable and plug connecting your VCR or camcorder to your computer, it will be composite (RCA cable), S-VHS (5-pin plug similar to a PS2 cable), or the TV tuner on your graphics card.
Q3:How come my audio doesn't play during video capture or playback?
A3: Audio can be tricky. First, analog audio must be enabled in your capture settings. Then, make sure that the proper audio source is selected under your Volume control, Properties for recording in your system tray. Right-click the speaker icon and go into the recording properties to enable line-in or whatever jack is receiving audio from your VCR or camcorder.

With Firewire/DV, you might not hear your audio over your computer speakers until you save your captured file. Make sure that your audio is turned up on your camcorder during capture and preview to hear audio.



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