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Hour 8. Advanced Chart Techniques > Using Excel Charts - Pg. 140

Advanced Chart Techniques In Patterns, you can use fill effects to even put an image into a specific data series. In Shape, you can make a data series a cylinder, pyramid, or cone. 140 Once again, the key to formatting elements of your chart is in selecting the component you want to change. Although you can double-click or right-click a component to access its formatting options, using the Chart Objects drop-down list is probably the easiest way to differentiate between elements --especially in a complex chart. Here are the key components for the column chart (other charts might have slightly different ele- ments): · · · · · · · · · · · · · Category Axis Category Axis Major Gridlines Category Axis Title Chart Area Corners Floor Legend Plot Area Value Axis Value Axis Major Gridlines Walls Series A Series B