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Q1:The large note is too small. Can I change its size?
A1: The size of the small, medium, and large default note size is hard-coded and can't be changed. However, you can drag the edges of individual notes to resize them. Because the size and screen position are persistent, the note will open at your custom size or shape and in the same location the next time you open it.

Other options available to you include double-clicking the title of a note to resize it to full-screen size. Double-click the note a second time to return it to its original size. If you save a note as a template, notes created from the template are the size of the note that was used for the template.

Q2:I dropped an email in Notes and can only see the beginning of the message. I don't have scrollbars. How can I read the entire note?
A2: As you've discovered, the note form doesn't have scrollbars. There are at least three ways you can read the entire message, though. I prefer to drag the sides of the note and make it large enough so that the entire note is visible. When a note is resized and then closed, the size is remembered and it will always open at the new size.

If you want the note to stay small, you can double-click on the title bar to maximize the note, and then double-click it again to restore the note's size.

If you really want to scroll the note, use the arrow keys or the Page Up and Page Down keys to move around the note. If you want to use your mouse, you must select some text and scroll to select the rest of the message.

Q3:I emailed some tasks home and received them as messages with the task details in it, not a task form.
A3: When you email tasks—especially when you're sending the task to an Internet email account—you need to ensure that RTF formatting is enabled for the recipient's address. When Outlook sends RTF, it converts the message to HTML format to ensure compatibility with all email programs; however, converting the message to HTML also converts tasks and other Outlook forms to normal messages.

Double-click on the address in the To field and select Send using Rich Text Format in the Internet format field of Internet Properties. If a contact form opens, double-click again in the E-mail Address field to open the Internet Properties dialog.



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