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Q1:I'd like to use Advanced Find to find everyone in my contacts who has a birthday coming up within the next three months. When I create the rule I think should work, it finds all birthdays, not just the upcoming ones.
A1: Recurring appointments are difficult to filter because Outlook sees them as active all the time, not just once a year. If you use recurrence patterns and categories, you can perform this search using two rules, which you'll need to update as the months change:

Categories contains Birthday

Reoccurrence pattern contains June or July or August

You can use these criteria in a custom view filter; in fact, it might be better used as a custom view instead of Advanced Find.

Q2:I like the new Outlook 2003 interface, but I am still trying to figure out how to create a search for all overdue task items.
A2: My favorite Outlook feature will handle this for you. Because it's a task item, a custom view might work best:
Select the Tasks folder and open the Define Views dialog using View, Arrange By, Current View, Define Views. Select New, Table view and choose All Task Folders. Select OK and the Customize View dialog opens.

Select Filter to open the Filter dialog.

On the Advanced tab, select Field, Frequently-Used Fields, Due By. The Use Condition equals on or before and Value equals today.

To restrict it to tasks not finished, select Complete from the All Task fields menu; the Condition is equals and the Value is No. Choose Add to List.

Your view is fished. Use the Views toolbar to switch between this and other views on your folder.



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