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Q1:Help! I messed up my rules and some messages were moved to Outlook Today before I realized my error. How can I get them back?
A1: If the messages are unread, look for them in the Unread Search Folder and drag them to a new folder. If you don't see them in the Unread Search Folder, you have two ways of recovering these messages. You can disable the Outlook Today folder home page and drag the messages out, or use Advanced Find and move the messages to another folder.

To disable the folder home page:

Right-click on Outlook Today at the top of your folder tree. Choose Properties for your message store from the bottom of the menu.

Select the Home Page tab on the Properties dialog.

Remove the check from the Show Home Page by Default for This Folder and choose OK to close the dialog.

With the home page disabled, the folder acts like any other folder and you can move the messages out. Repeat the steps to turn Outlook Today back on.

If you'd rather use Advanced Find, open it using Tools, Find, Advanced Find. Choose Browse and add a check beside Outlook Today at the top of the dialog. Remove any checks beside other folders and the one at the bottom beside Search Subfolders. Choose Find Now. Select all the found messages, right-click, and choose Move to Folder.

Q2:I did something and now my views aren't how I like them. I'd like to get the original views back. How do I do it?
A2: You just need to reset your views. You can reset each view independently or reset all views to their original settings, removing all custom views as well.

To reset individual views, open the Custom Views dialog. You can open it by clicking on the row of field names in the list view and choosing Custom. If you use a one-line list, the menu is called Customize Current View.

Choose Reset Current View from the Customize View dialog to restore the current view to its defaults.

Hour 3 has more information on resetting your views.

Q3:How do I remove folders from the Navigation Pane lists? I have some calendar folders I don't want on my list.
A3: Remove single calendars by right-clicking on the calendar name in the list and choose Remove from My Calendars. If you want to completely reset the Navigation Pane, you can start Outlook with the /resetnavpane switch.

In the Start menu, Run dialog, type Outlook /resetnavpane. This resets the Navigation Pane and removes all Favorite folders and other shortcuts you might have created.

Additional startup switches are listed in Appendix B, “Outlook's Command-Line Switches.”



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