Managing Documents and Customizing Word 2003 · View-- Changes the way Word displays documents and windows. · General-- timeters). · Edit-- Determines colors, animation, behavior, and the measurement standard (such as inches or cen- Changes the way Word responds during your editing sessions. · Print-- Determines several printing options. · Save-- Specifies how you want Word to save document changes. · Spelling & Grammar-- Lists several spell-checking and grammar-checking settings that you can change. This is one place where you can turn these options on or off. · File Locations-- Enables you to set disk-drive locations for common files. · Compatibility-- Lists a plethora of options you can change to make Word look and feel like other word processors, including previous versions of Word. · User Information-- Holds the name, initials, and address of the registered party for use with document summaries and automatic return addresses. · Security-- Enables you to specify passwords for encryption and for sharing the document. · Track Changes-- Determines the format Word uses when you make changes to documents in a group environment or when you want to track several revisions for the same document. (Word can keep track of