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Hour 15. Communicating with Outlook 2003 > An Outlook Overview - Pg. 184

Hour 15. Communicating with Outlook 2003 Outlook contains the biggest assortment of features inside the Office suite due to the number of jobs that Outlook performs. Word is a word processor that is perhaps the most powerful such program with the most features of any word processor ever created, and yet it does one thing, word processing. Outlook, on the other hand, handles many tasks, as you'll see early in this lesson. Outlook helps you manage the details of your life. Not only is Outlook a truly interactive contact, mail, planning, and scheduling program, but it is also fun to use. The highlights of this hour include the following: · What Outlook is all about · How Outlook differs from Outlook Express · How to read and reply to email messages · What a contact is · How to maximize your use of the Outlook 2003 Contacts database An Outlook Overview Here is a list that includes just a few of the tasks you can do using Outlook: