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Hour 14. Animating Your Presentations > To Do: Use Action Buttons

To Do: Use Action Buttons

An action button is a button you place on a presentation's slide that, when clicked during the presentation, performs a preset action. To add an action button, follow these steps:

Select the Slide Show, Action Buttons menu option. PowerPoint displays a submenu of Action buttons—many of which look somewhat similar to the buttons on a cassette deck. (If you want, you can drag these Action buttons off the toolbar to create a floating toolbar.)

Select a button by clicking it.

Point to the location on the slide where you want the button to appear and drag your mouse to place the button on the slide. Resizing handles appear around the button (these resizing handles reappear if you select something else on the slide and return to the button) so that you can change the size of the button. You can also move the button by clicking on the button and dragging the button elsewhere on the slide.

The button by itself, no matter what the button's icon shows, does nothing. For example, if you placed an action button that looks similar to the Rewind button on a cassette deck, the button will not rewind your presentation. The button does nothing until you specify an action setting by selecting Slide Show, Action Settings to display the Action Settings window shown in Figure 14.5.

Figure 14.5. Specify exactly what you want the action button to accomplish.



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