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Chapter 1. Office: Seeing the Big Pictur... > What's in Microsoft Office and Quick...

What's in Microsoft Office and Quicken?

The following is a quick overview of the major Microsoft Office programs:

  • Word is a word processor with which you can create notes, memos, letters, school papers, business documents, books, newsletters, and even Internet Web pages.

  • Outlook is a personal information manager (PIM) that organizes your contact addresses, phone numbers, and other information in an address-book format. Use Outlook to track your appointments, schedule meetings, generate to-do lists, keep notes, manage all your Internet email, and keep a journal of your activities.

  • PowerPoint is a presentation program with which you can create presentations for seminars, schools, churches, Web pages, and business meetings. Not only can PowerPoint create the presentation overheads, it can also create the speaker's presentation notes.

  • FrontPage enables you to create your own Web pages without having to learn tricky coding languages. With FrontPage, you'll combine documents from the other Office products into a series of Web pages you can be proud of.

  • Excel is an electronic worksheet program with which you can create charts, graphs, and numerical worksheets for financial and other numeric data. After you enter your financial data, you can analyze it for forecasts, generate numerous what-if scenarios, and publish worksheets on the Web.



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