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Part: XI Making FrontPage Do More Work > Publishing Web Pages - Pg. 459

459 Chapter 39. Publishing Web Pages All of the Webs you have seen created so far were viewed locally on your own system. During this chapter, you'll learn how to publish a FrontPage Web on the World Wide Web. The same techniques can be used to put it onto a corporate intranet. You'll be able to publish Webs and partial updates to a server, set up a Personal Web Server on your own system, and save Webs directly to a server. Publish Your Web to a Server FrontPage can publish Webs to three different places: · A hard drive on your system or local area network · A server on your system such as the Apache Web Server · A server on the World Wide Web Saving a Web to your hard drive is a form of publication. You can view each of the pages, test the