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Part 8. Working with Office's Graphics Tools > Task 7 How to Add Shadow Effects

Task 7 How to Add Shadow Effects

Another way to spruce up visual objects is to add shadow effects. A shadow can give a 3-D effect to any text box, shape, clip art picture, line, WordArt design, or other visual object. With the drawing tool's Shadow Settings toolbar, you can control exactly where the shadow appears, you can set its color, and you can turn it off if you don't like it anymore.

  1. Select the Object

    To add a shadow effect to any object, first click to select the object.

  2. Click the Shadow Button

    Click the Shadow button on the Drawing toolbar to display a palette of shadow effects. To apply an effect to the selected object, click the one you want.

  3. The Shadow Is Applied

    The shadow effect is applied to the object.

  4. Open the Shadow Settings Toolbar

    For more control over the shadow, display the Shadow Settings toolbar. Click the Shadow button in the Drawing toolbar and select Shadow Settings from the palette.

  5. Nudge the Shadow

    Use the Shadow Settings toolbar buttons to place your shadow exactly where you want it to fall. Use the Nudge buttons to nudge the shadow effect in the direction you want it to go. Click a button several times to nudge the shadow in that direction.

  6. Choose a Shadow Color

    To change the shadow's color, click the Shadow Color button and select a new color. This applies the color to the shadow. To close the Shadow Settings toolbar, click its Close button.



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