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Part 8. Working with Office's Graphics T... > Task 6 How to Change Image Formattin...

Task 6 How to Change Image Formatting

Many of the visual objects you add can be enhanced with formatting tools. You can format the shapes you draw, for example, by changing the fill color or line style. Adjusting your object's formatting can completely change its look. You can tone down an object's loud primary colors by using pastel colors instead. You can also change the importance of the line you've drawn by making its line weight thicker. The Format dialog box has formatting options for all kinds of object types.

  1. Select the Object

    First, click to select the object whose formatting you want to change.

  2. Choose the Format Command

    Right-click the object to display the shortcut menu, and then select the Format command at the bottom of the menu. The name of the command will depend on the type of visual object you selected in Step 1. If you right-clicked a shape, for example, the command appears as Format AutoShape. If you right-clicked a text box, the command says Format Text Box.

  3. Use the Format Dialog Box

    The Format dialog box for the type of visual object you selected appears. Click the Colors and Lines tab to find options for changing the color or line style of the object.

  4. Change the Fill Color

    The fill color is the color or pattern that appears within a shape. To change the fill color, click the Fill Color drop-down list button and choose another color from the palette.

  5. Change the Line Weight

    If your object contains an outline or border, or if the object itself is a line or arc, use the Line options in the Colors and Lines tab to change the line's color, style, or weight (thickness). Click the Style drop-down arrow to display a list of line styles, for example.

  6. Wrap Text Around Objects

    If you want the visual object to appear in the middle of a block of text, you can apply wrapping commands to designate how the text flows around (or through) the object. Click the Layout tab and choose a wrapping style to apply. Click OK to exit the dialog box and apply the new formatting settings you've selected.



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