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Part 8. Working with Office's Graphics Tools > Task 2 How to Insert Clip Art

Task 2 How to Insert Clip Art

Another way to add visual impact to your Office files is to insert clip art images, which are ready-made drawings covering a wide range of topics and categories. You can insert clip art into any Office item you create, such as a letter, a worksheet, a database form, an Outlook note, or a slide. In the Insert Clip Art task pane, you can search for clip art and photographs, as well as sound and video clips. Clip art is organized into collections, including a collection that comes with Office XP. You can download other collections from the Web.

  1. Open the Insert Clip Art Task Pane

    Choose Insert, Picture, Clip Art to open the Insert Clip Art task pane. You can also click the Insert Clip Art button on the Drawing toolbar to open the task pane.

  2. Conduct a Search

    Click in the Search text box and type a keyword or phrase for the type of artwork you want to use in your file. In this example, you're looking for travel-related artwork, so type travel in the Search text box.

  3. Choose a Collection and Media Type

    Use the Search in and Results should be drop-down lists to narrow your search by specifying a collection or media type to search for. To search all the collections and all media types, set the search for All collections and All media types.

  4. Start the Search

    Click the Search button to begin the search for items that match the keyword you've entered.

  5. Choose a Picture

    The search results appear as a scrollable list with thumbnail versions of the possible matches. Scroll through the results until you find the clip art you want to use. If your keyword search doesn't reveal the results you're looking for, conduct another search. Click the Modify button in the task pane and start a new search using another keyword or phrase.

  6. Insert an Item

    To insert a specific piece of clip art, click its thumbnail in the task pane. That image is inserted into your document immediately. You can then resize or move the clip art as necessary (see Task 5, "How to Move, Size, and Rotate an Object").



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