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Part 8. Working with Office's Graphics Tools > Task 9 How to Insert a Diagram

Task 9 How to Insert a Diagram

Use the new Office XP Diagram feature to add all kinds of diagrams to your Office projects. This feature can help you illustrate concepts, such as workflow or corporate hierarchy. When you add a diagram to your document, it opens within a drawing border or frame, along with a Diagram toolbar that has options for editing the diagram. You can add text elements to the diagram and rearrange the diagram shapes to suit your needs. The Diagram feature offers five different types of common diagrams: Organization, Venn, Cycle, Pyramid, Target, and Radial.

  1. Display the Diagram Gallery

    Choose Insert, Diagram to open the Diagram Gallery dialog box.

  2. Choose a Diagram Type

    Select the diagram type you want to insert into your document and click OK.

  3. View the Diagram

    A diagram appears in your document along with the Diagram toolbar. You can edit the various elements that correspond to the type of diagram you selected in Step 2. For example, to edit a text box element, click the box and type some text.

  4. Add a Shape

    To add a shape to the diagram, click the Insert Shape button on the Diagram toolbar.

  5. A New Shape Appears

    Another shape element is added to the diagram. Depending on the diagram type, another text element may be added to correspond with the new shape.

  6. Deactivate the Diagram

    When you finish building the diagram, click anywhere outside the frame. The diagram frame and the Diagram toolbar close, leaving just the diagram in your document.



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