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Part 2. Using Word > Task 4 How to Move and Copy Text

Task 4 How to Move and Copy Text

Use Word's Cut, Copy, and Paste functions to move and copy text from one location to another. Word makes it easy to pick up characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and more and to move or copy them to a new location. You can even move and copy text between files. You can apply a variety of methods to move and copy text. You can use menu commands, shortcut menu commands, toolbar buttons, keyboard shortcuts, and drag-and-drop techniques. Everybody finds their favorite method. To move text, cut it from its position and paste it somewhere else; to copy text, make a copy of the text and paste it elsewhere.

  1. Select the Text

    Select the text you want to cut or copy.

  2. Use the Cut and Copy Buttons

    An easy way to cut and copy is to use the toolbar buttons. To move the text, click the Cut button in the Standard toolbar. The text is deleted from your document, but it remains in a special Windows storage area called the Clipboard. To copy the text, click the Copy button in the Standard toolbar. When you copy text, nothing appears to happen because the text remains in its original location, but a copy of the selected text is sent to the Clipboard.

  3. Relocate the Cursor

    Click to place the cursor in the document where you want to paste the cut or copied text. If necessary, you can open another document or switch to another already open document to paste text there.

  4. Use the Paste Button

    Click the Paste button in the Standard toolbar to paste the text. The text is pasted into the document beginning at the position of the insertion point.

  5. Check the Smart Tag

    As soon as the text is pasted, a Smart Tag icon appears. Click the icon to display a list of options pertaining to the pasted text. You can click an option or ignore the Smart Tag and continue working in the document.

  6. Use the Drag and Drop Method

    Another easy method to move or copy text is to drag and drop it. To move text, click the selected text, hold down the mouse button, and drag the mouse to where you want to paste the text. Release the mouse button to drop, or paste, the cut text. To copy instead of cut, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging.



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