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Part 2. Using Word > Task 27 How to Track and Review Document Changes

Task 27 How to Track and Review Document Changes

If you are sharing your documents with others, as you would in a workgroup situation, you can use Word's markup features to keep track of changes others make to a document. For example, you can see what edits others have made to a document, including formatting changes and text deletions and insertions. You can even print out the markups so that you can keep a copy of the changes applied to documents. Markup elements appear in balloon boxes that appear in the margins. When you review the changes, you can choose to accept or reject the markup suggestions.

  1. Turn Tracking On

    Open the document you want to set up to track changes and choose Tools, Track Changes.

  2. Mark Your Changes

    Word displays the Reviewing toolbar and makes bold the letters TRK in the status bar to indicate that the Track Changes feature is on. Edit the document. Additions appear underlined in another color, deletions and formatting changes are marked with markup balloons.

  3. Change Markup Item View

    To change which markup items appear in the document, click the Show drop-down arrow on the Reviewing toolbar and choose the items you want to mark during the editing process.

  4. Set Tracking Options

    To change tracking options, such as the colors used and the specifics about the balloons, click the Options command in the Show drop-down list. The Track Changes dialog box opens.

  5. Change Tracking Options

    Specify any tracking options you want to set for the document. For example, you can change how insertions appear or set whether markup balloons are used. Make your changes and click OK to close the dialog box.

  6. Review Changes

    To review the changes that have been made to a document, make sure that the markup items are displayed (choose View, Markup if they are not). Use the buttons on the Reviewing toolbar to review the changes. Click Next to view the next change. Click Accept Change to accept the change and make it a part of the document or click Reject Change to refuse the change.



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