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Part 2. Using Word > Task 25 How to Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Task 25 How to Check Your Spelling and Grammar

The Spelling and Grammar Checker enables you to check the spelling and grammar of a document as you type or to check the entire document all at once. Because most of us tend to forget about running the Spelling Checker when we finish typing, the Automatic Spelling Checker can save errors by pointing them out as we type and making them difficult to ignore. If the Automatic Spelling Checker is not on, choose Tools, Options, and select the Spelling and Grammar tab. Enable the Check spelling as you type check box to turn it on (enable the Check grammar as you type check box if you want to turn on Automatic Grammar Checking). Disable these options to turn off the automatic checking features.

  1. Look for the Red Wavy Line

    As you type, any word Word can't find in its dictionary gets a red wavy line under it to tell you that it might be misspelled (in this example, Word points out vacencies as a possible misspelling).

  2. Display the Shortcut Menu

    Right-click the word to open a shortcut menu displaying possible alternative spellings (at the top) and a few additional commands. Click an alternative spelling to choose it from the shortcut menu. If your spelling is correct (for example, someone's last name), click Add; the word is added to Word's dictionary and won't be picked up by the Spelling Checker ever again.

  3. Ignore the Spelling

    If you don't want to add the word to the dictionary but want to leave the word the way you spelled it in the current document, click Ignore All. To add the correct spelling to your AutoCorrect list so that future misspellings will be corrected automatically as you type, click AutoCorrect (see Task 26, "How to Work with AutoCorrect"). To open the Spelling dialog box, click Spelling.

  4. Look for the Green Wavy Line

    If the wavy line under the text is green, Word detects a possible grammatical error. Right-click the underlined word and choose a correction at the top of the shortcut menu, or click Ignore Once to ignore the error.

  5. Spell Check the Document

    To run the Spelling and Grammar Checker for the whole document at one time, click the Spelling and Grammar button on the Standard toolbar, or choose Tools, Spelling and Grammar.

  6. Correct Errors

    Word checks every word in your document against its dictionary and list of grammatical rules; it presents the Spelling and Grammar dialog box when it encounters a word that is not in its dictionary or a sentence that does not conform to a grammatical rule. You can choose to ignore the problem, change it, or select from other options in the dialog box.



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