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Part 2. Using Word > Task 23 How to Add a Watermark

Task 23 How to Add a Watermark

A new feature to Word is the ability to add watermarks to your documents. A watermark is a picture or text image that appears in the background of your document. Watermarks are designed especially for printed documents; the watermark image—whether it's a company logo or a word such as CONFIDENTIAL or DRAFT—appears behind the document text.

  1. Choose Printed Watermark

    Open the Format menu and select Background, Printed Watermark. Word opens the Printed Watermark dialog box.

  2. Assign a Picture Watermark

    To assign a picture as your watermark, enable the Picture watermark option and click the Select Picture button. Word opens the Insert Picture dialog box. If you want to use text as a watermark instead, skip to Step 4.

  3. Choose a Picture

    From the list of image files, select the picture you want to use for your watermark. Click a filename and observe the thumbnail image that opens on the right side of the dialog box. When you have located the image you want to use, click Insert. You return to the Printed Watermark dialog box.

  4. Assign a Text Watermark

    To assign text as your watermark instead of a picture, enable the Text watermark option. Click the Text drop-down arrow and choose the word or words you want to use. You can also type your own watermark text in the Text box.

  5. Assign Additional Options

    You can specify a particular font, size, color, or layout as necessary. You can disable the Semitransparent check box if you want to make the watermark bold (you cannot see any text you type over a bold watermark). Click Apply to apply the effect to the document page. As soon as you click Apply, the Cancel button in the dialog box is replaced with a Close button. Click Close to close the dialog box and view the results onscreen.

  6. View the Watermark

    To view the watermark, you must switch to Print Layout view. The watermark appears on every page in your document file. In this example, you can see a picture watermark applied to the document.



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