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Part 2. Using Word > Task 21 How to Use Styles

Task 21 How to Use Styles

A style is a collection of formatting specifications that has been assigned a name and saved. You might have a report, for example, that uses specific formatting for every heading. Rather than reapply the formatting for every heading, you can assign the formatting to a style. You can then quickly apply the style whenever you need it. Word comes with a few predefined styles, but you can easily create your own and use them over and over.

  1. Format the Text

    Format the text as desired. You can apply any of Word's formatting commands, including character, paragraph, and page formatting. Then select the text or click anywhere in the formatted text.

  2. Use the Style List Box

    Click inside the Style list box on the Formatting toolbar. Type a name for the new style. Be careful not to use any of the existing style names. Press Enter when finished. The style is added to the list and is ready to assign. In this example, I gave the assortment of formatting features in the text I selected in step 1 the name Paragraph Title.

  3. Assign a Style

    To assign the new style to another block of text, first select the text.

  4. Open the Style List

    Click the Style drop-down arrow and select the style you want to apply from the list of named styles. The chosen style is immediately applied to the selected text. Continue applying the style to other text in your document as needed.

  5. Create Keyboard Shortcut for the Style

    An easy way to apply styles to text is to assign a keystroke combination to the style. Choose Format, Style to open the Styles and Formatting task pane. Select the style to which you want to add a keyboard shortcut, click the Style drop-down arrow, and choose the Modify option. The Modify Style dialog box opens.

  6. Add a Shortcut Key

    Click the Format button and choose Shortcut Key. Assign a keystroke combination to the style in the Press new shortcut key text box. For example, press Ctrl+Shift+P+T to assign these four keys to the Paragraph Title style you created in Steps 1 through 4. If the keystroke combination is already in use by another feature, the dialog box will tell you, and you can try another combination. When you find an available keystroke combination, click Assign and close the open dialog boxes. To apply this style, select the text and press Ctrl+Shft+P+T.



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