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Part 2. Using Word > Task 1 How to Use Word's Views

Task 1 How to Use Word's Views

Word offers you several ways to view your document. For starters, you can use the Zoom tool to view your document in detail, or zoom out to see your document from a "bird's-eye view." You can also change the way you view a document page using four main view options: Use Normal view to see only the text area of the page; no graphics or special elements appear. Switch to Print Layout view to see graphics, page margins, and elements such as headers and footers. Use Outline view to help build and maintain outline levels in your document. Web Layout view takes its cue from Web pages, allowing you to take advantage of the full width of a Web page document.

  1. Use the Zoom Tools

    The quickest way to zoom your view of the document is to use the Zoom control on the Standard toolbar. Click the drop-down arrow to display the list of zoom percentages; choose a percentage (such as 75% or 150%) to zoom your view.

  2. Assess the View

    Word zooms your view of the document based on the selection you made in Step 1 (in this case, 150%).

  3. Open the Zoom Dialog Box

    To specify an exact zoom percentage, open the View menu and select Zoom. The Zoom dialog box opens.

  4. Specify a Zoom Percentage

    In the Zoom dialog box, you can enter an exact zoom percentage in the Percent box (such as 50% ). The Preview area gives you an idea of how the zoomed text will look onscreen. Click OK to apply the new view.

  5. Use the View Buttons

    Use the view buttons in the lower-left corner of the Word window to switch between Normal, Web Layout, Print Layout, and Outline views. You can also switch your document page views using options in the View menu.

  6. Change the View

    If you clicked the Print Layout view button in Step 5, Word displays the document just as it will print. Most users stick with Normal and Print Layout views to work with and view document pages. To change your view again, click the view button you want to use.



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