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Part 2. Using Word > Task 16 How to Insert a Table

Task 16 How to Insert a Table

If you want to create a complex list or chart, the best option is to use a Word table. A table is a grid of rows and columns; each box in a table is called a cell. You can use tables to create anything from simple charts to invoices and employee lists. Tables are useful for any kind of information that has to be organized in a row-and-column format. Tables are flexible; you can specify exactly how many rows or columns they have, control the size and formatting of each cell, and include anything from text to graphics.

  1. Create a Quick Table

    To quickly create a table, click in the document where you want to place the table; then click the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar. A grid appears; use it to tell Word how many columns and rows you want in the initial table: Drag to select squares that represent cells in the table (for example, drag to select three columns by four rows).

  2. Instant Table

    When you release the mouse button, a table with the number of rows and columns you selected appears on the page. The table stretches across the width of the page; to make a column narrower, point to a vertical border and drag it to a new position (drag the right table border to narrow the entire table).

  3. Enter Table Text

    Click in a cell and begin typing. The text in each cell behaves like a paragraph; if you press Enter, a new paragraph is started in the same cell. You can format the text in each cell the same way you format text in a normal paragraph.

  4. Draw Your Own Table

    To draw an asymmetrical table, cell by cell, click the Tables and Borders button on the Standard toolbar. The floating Tables and Borders toolbar appears, the view changes to Print Layout view, and the mouse pointer becomes a pencil.

  5. Choose Table Options

    Click the Draw Table button if it isn't already selected, and then use the Line Style, Line Weight, and Border Color buttons on the Tables and Borders toolbar to specify the type and color of line you want for the outside border of your table. Drag the mouse to draw a rectangle for the outside border of the table.

  6. Draw the Table Lines

    Select a different line type or color for the inside borders, if you want; then draw internal lines to delineate rows and columns. As you drag, a dashed line shows you where the line will be inserted. Release the mouse button when the line extends across the entire width or height of the table. You can draw a table as complex as you want with this method.



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