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Part 2. Using Word > Task 14 How to Set Tabs

Task 14 How to Set Tabs

Tabs are used to indent and create vertically aligned columns of text. By default, Word has tab stops set at every 0.5-inch interval in your document, and the tab text is left-aligned, which means that it lines up at the left edge of the tab column. You can create your own tab stops and change how the tab text is aligned at a tab stop. You can, for example, align tab text to the right edge of the tab column, center the text in the column, or use the decimal point tab to make the decimal points in your text line up in the tab column. You can even apply a bar tab, which sets a vertical bar between tab columns. You can use the ruler to set tabs, or open the Tabs dialog box.

  1. Set a Tab Stop on the Ruler

    To set a tab stop on the ruler, first select the type of tab alignment you want to use. By default, Left Tab alignment is selected. To select another, you must cycle through the selections. Each click on the alignment button displays a different tab alignment symbol (hover the mouse pointer over the button to display the name of the currently selected tab alignment).

  2. Click in Place

    On the ruler, click where you want the tab inserted; the selected tab symbol is added to the ruler at the location you clicked.

  3. Apply a Tab

    To use the new tab stop, place the cursor at the beginning of the line and press Tab, or place your cursor in front of the text you want to reposition and then press Tab. The tab is in effect until you change it to another setting.

  4. Open the Tabs Dialog Box

    Another way to set tabs is to use the Tabs dialog box. Open the dialog box by choosing Format, Tabs.

  5. Enter a Tab Stop

    In the Tab stop position text box, type a new tab stop measurement. For example, if you want to create a tab stop at a position 1.5 inches in from the left margin, type 1.5. Use the Alignment options to change the tab stop alignment. Click Set to set the new tab stop.

  6. Close the Dialog Box

    Repeat Step 5 to set up additional tab stops. When you are done specifying tab stops, click OK to close the dialog box. The new tab stops are ready to go.



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