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Part 2. Using Word > Task 12 How to Align and Indent Text

Task 12 How to Align and Indent Text

Use Word's alignment commands to change the way your text is positioned horizontally on the document page. By default, Word automatically aligns your text with the left margin as you type. You can choose to align text to the right margin, to center text between the left and right margins, or to justify text so that it aligns at both the left and right margins. Indents also control the positioning of text horizontally. Indents are simply margins that affect individual paragraphs or lines. Indents can help make paragraphs easier to distinguish. The quickest way to indent a line of text is with the Tab key; however, other ways indent text more precisely. You can set exact measurements for left and right indents, choose to indent only the first line of text, or create a hanging indent that leaves the first line intact but indents the rest of the paragraph.

  1. Use the Alignment Buttons

    Select the text or paragraphs you want to align and click an alignment button on the Formatting toolbar. Click Align Left to left-align text, click Center to center text, or click Align Right to right-align text. Click Justify to justify text between the left and right margins.

    To center text using only the keyboard, press Ctrl+E. Press Ctrl+L for left alignment, Ctrl+R for right alignment, and Ctrl+J for justified alignment.

  2. Use the Indent Buttons

    For quick indents, use the Indent buttons on the Formatting toolbar. To increase the indentation, click anywhere in the paragraph or sentence you want to indent, and click the Increase Indent button. To decrease the indentation, click Decrease Indent.

  3. View the Changes to Your Text

    Depending on which alignment button or indent button you clicked, Word positions your text accordingly. Here you can see several alignment and indent examples in effect.

  4. Use the Paragraph Dialog Box

    Another way to apply alignment and indents is with the Paragraph dialog box: It is one-stop shopping for paragraph-formatting commands. Choose Format, Paragraph to open the dialog box.

  5. Choose an Alignment

    On the Indents and Spacing tab, click the Alignment drop-down arrow to display a list of alignment options. Click the one you want to use.

  6. Set an Indent Measurement

    Use the Left or Right indentation boxes to set a specific measurement for the indentation. You can type directly into the boxes or use the spin arrows to increase or decrease the settings. To set a First Line or a Hanging indentation, select the appropriate option from the Special drop-down list. Click OK to close the dialog box and apply the settings to your document.



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