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Part 4. Using PowerPoint > Task 8 How to Add New Text Boxes

Task 8 How to Add New Text Boxes

At times, you will want to add a new text box to a slide. You might have to add a text box for your corporate slogan, for example, or to add a caption text box to label a graphic. When you add a new text box, you can decide how large to make the box or let PowerPoint create a default size. In this task, you learn how to use a tool from the Drawing toolbar. Make sure that you're in Normal view. If the Drawing toolbar is not displayed, right-click any other toolbar and select Drawing.

  1. Select the Text Box Tool

    From the Drawing toolbar (located at the bottom of the PowerPoint window), click the Text Box button.

  2. Click in Place

    Move the mouse pointer to the area on the slide where you want to insert the new text box and click the mouse button.

  3. Start Typing

    A text box the size of one character appears where you clicked. Start typing the text you want to add.

  4. Watch the Box Expand

    As you type, the size of the text box increases. To start a second line within the text box, press Enter. (Note that you can resize a text box at any time by dragging its selection handles: Select the box, position the pointer over a selection handle, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the box to a new size.)

  5. Drag the Text Box

    Another way to insert a text box after clicking the Text Box tool is to drag a rectangle that's the size of the text box you want to add to the slide. Click the top-left corner where you want the text box to start, drag to the desired size, and release the mouse button to set the size of the text box.

  6. Type the Text

    To enter text in the text box you just created, click inside the box and start typing.



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