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Part 4. Using PowerPoint > Task 20 How to Use Pack and Go

Task 20 How to Use Pack and Go

To take your show on the road, you can package the presentation on disk or CD (if you have a read/write CD-ROM drive) to use at another computer. For example, you might have to take the presentation to a client across town or across the country. Use the Pack and Go Wizard to help you store the complete presentation on disk, including a PowerPoint viewer to use in case the client doesn't have PowerPoint.

  1. Open the File Menu

    Start by opening the presentation you want to store on disk and insert an empty disk into your floppy disk drive or CD-ROM drive. Then choose File, Pack and Go.

  2. Start the Wizard

    The first wizard dialog box appears. Click Next to continue.

  3. Choose a Presentation

    If you have already opened the presentation you want to pack, leave the Active presentation check box selected and click Next. If you want to pack a different presentation, click the Other presentation(s) check box and use the Browse button to locate the appropriate file.

  4. Choose a Drive

    In the next wizard dialog box, select the drive you want to save the presentation to and click Next to continue.

  5. Choose Additional Options

    The next wizard box presents you with options for saving linked files you might have used with the presentation as well as any fonts used exclusively in your presentation. The computer you use later to run the show might not have all the fonts you carefully selected, so enable the Embed TrueType fonts option to make sure that the same fonts are used wherever the presentation is run. Select the options you want and click Next.

  6. Pack the Viewer

    If the computer on which you're going to run the slide show doesn't have PowerPoint installed, select the Viewer for Windows 95 or NT option. If you know that the computer has PowerPoint, select the Don't include the viewer option. Click Next.

  7. Finish

    In the final wizard box, click Finish. PowerPoint starts copying the files to the disk. If it's a particularly large presentation, you might need to use additional disks. A prompt box appears when the packing is complete; click OK.



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