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Part 4. Using PowerPoint > Task 18 How to Run the Slide Show

Task 18 How to Run the Slide Show

After you finish building and preparing your presentation, you're ready to run the show. It's a good idea to run the show several times while preparing your presentation so that you have some idea of how the slides will look, how long you want each slide to display, and how transitions and animation effects will be used. You can set up a slide show to run manually so that you click the mouse or press a keyboard key to advance each slide; you can set up the slide show to run automatically, so that PowerPoint displays each slide for the amount of time you preset. You can even set the show to loop continuously.

  1. Choose Set Up Show

    Open the presentation you want to view and choose Slide Show, Set Up Show. The Set Up Show dialog box opens.

  2. Choose Show Type Options

    From the Show type options, select the option that best suits your situation. If you plan to run the presentation with yourself as speaker, for example, select the Presented by a speaker option. If another user, such as a trainee, will browse the presentation, select the Browsed by an individual option. If the presentation will run at a kiosk, select the Browsed at a kiosk option.

  3. Select Show Options

    Use the Show options check boxes to indicate how the presentation should appear. You can choose to loop the show continuously, show it without animation, or show it without narration.

  4. Choose Advance Options

    From the Advance slides options, choose to advance your presentation manually or use preset timings. Click OK to close the Set Up Show dialog box.

  5. Run the Show

    To start the slide show, display the first slide (or click the first slide in Slide Sorter view) and then click the Slide Show view button.

  6. Stop the Show

    PowerPoint starts your presentation. Each slide appears full screen, without toolbars or menu bars. To stop the show at any time, press Esc.



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