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Part 4. Using PowerPoint > Task 16 How to Define the Slide Transition

Task 16 How to Define the Slide Transition

To make your slide show more professional, add slide transitions. Slide transitions determine how one slide advances to the next. PowerPoint includes numerous transition effects you can use, including dissolves, tiling effects, fades, and split screens. You can assign a different transition to each slide or use the same transitions throughout the entire slide show.

  1. Switch to Slide Sorter View

    Click the Slide Sorter view button to switch to Slide Sorter view and select the slide for which you want to set a transition. If you want to use the same transition for all the slides, select the first slide in the presentation.

  2. Click Slide Transition

    From the Slide Sorter toolbar, click the Transition button. The Slide Transition task pane opens.

  3. Choose an Effect

    Scroll through the Apply to selected slides list and choose a transition effect. When you make a selection, AutoPreview plays the effect on the selected slide. If you don't like that effect, choose another one from the list.

  4. Choose a Speed

    Under the Modify transition heading in the task pane, click the Speed drop-down arrow and choose a speed option for the speed of the transition: Slow, Medium, or Fast.

  5. Add a Sound Effect

    Also under the Modify transition heading, you can choose a sound effect to add to the transition. Click the Sound drop-down arrow and choose a sound effect.

  6. Choose How to Advance

    Use the Advance slide options to control how the slides will advance: either by mouse click or using automatic advance. If you select the Automatically after option, you must specify an amount of time, in seconds, for the advance. Enter a time, or use the spin arrows to set the time. You can set the advance at 5 seconds, for example, and PowerPoint automatically advances to the next slide in the presentation after the current slide has displayed for 5 seconds.



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