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Part 4. Using PowerPoint > Task 14 How to Insert and Delete Slides

Task 14 How to Insert and Delete Slides

Do you need to add a new slide to your presentation? Perhaps you want to delete a slide that you no longer need. PowerPoint makes it easy to add and delete slides. You can add or delete slides in Normal view or in Slide Sorter view.

  1. Insert a New Slide

    Display or select the slide that precedes the place where you want to add a new slide and click the New Slide button on the Standard toolbar.

  2. Use the Slide Layout Task Pane

    PowerPoint inserts the new slide following the selected slide and opens the Slide Layout task pane. Use the scroll arrows to view the various slide layouts.

  3. Apply a Layout

    When you find a layout you want to apply to the new slide, select it. The layout is applied to the new slide. You can now fill the slide with text or graphics.

  4. Delete a Slide

    To delete a slide, select it in Slide Sorter view or display it in Normal view and choose Edit, Delete Slide.

  5. Insert Slides from Other Presentations

    Use PowerPoint's Slide Finder feature to insert slides from other presentations into the current slide show. Choose Insert, Slides from Files to open the Slide Finder dialog box.

  6. Use the Slide Finder Dialog Box

    Locate the presentation from which you want to borrow slides (use the Browse button, if necessary, to find the file). Click the Display button to view the slides in that presentation. Then select the slide or slides you want to insert and click the Insert button. The slides you selected are inserted in the current presentation. (Click Close to exit from the Slide Finder dialog box when you're finished.)



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