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Part 4. Using PowerPoint > Task 10 How to Add a Chart to a Slide

Task 10 How to Add a Chart to a Slide

In addition to adding text boxes and clip art to your slides, you can also add charts. Using the Copy and Paste commands, you can add a chart that you created with another program, such as Microsoft Excel, or you can create a chart from within PowerPoint. Charts go a long way in illustrating your data, and you can easily create a chart without leaving PowerPoint, as you'll see in this task. Start by displaying the slide in which you want to insert a chart.

  1. Select the Insert Chart Command

    To insert a chart, choose Insert, Chart, or click the Insert Chart button on the Standard toolbar. If your layout already has a box for a chart, double-click the box. If the placeholder offers several content options, click the Insert Chart button.

  2. View the Generic Chart

    Immediately, a generic chart appears in your PowerPoint slide, along with a datasheet. Notice the PowerPoint menu bar now has a Chart menu option. The Chart menu option has commands to help you create or edit your chart.

  3. Enter Your Chart Data

    Use the datasheet to enter the data for your chart. Just replace the sample data with your own. For example, if you want to create a simple bar chart as shown in the generic sample, replace the generic chart data with your own column and row labels. You can also choose to delete all the sample data before entering your own. Select the data and press Delete.

  4. Change the Chart Type

    By default, the charting tool displays a bar chart, but you can select another chart type. To do so, open the Chart menu and choose Chart Type. The Chart Type dialog box opens.

  5. Select a Chart Type

    From the Chart type list, choose a new chart type and select a subtype from those available. Click OK to close the dialog box and apply the new chart type to your slide.

  6. Insert the Chart

    To insert the chart, updated with your data, into your slide, click the Close button on the datasheet. The chart is placed in your slide. You might want to resize or move it to fit properly. To edit the chart, double-click the chart object.



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