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Part 4. Using PowerPoint > Task 9 How to Add an Illustration to a Slide

Task 9 How to Add an Illustration to a Slide

Slide shows are meant to be visual, and part of their appeal is graphics—whether that graphic is clip art, a picture you create from a drawing program, or a photo found on the Internet. Illustrations, or graphics, can really spruce up your slides. For that reason, the presentations created with the AutoContent Wizard and the Slide Design templates have areas on the slides already designated for graphic elements. PowerPoint comes with a large collection of clip art you can use in your own slide shows, or you can use artwork from other files. After you insert a graphic, you can resize it, move it, rotate it, and more (see Task 5, "How to Move, Size, and Rotate an Object," in Part 8, "Working with Office's Graphics Tools").

  1. Select a Graphic Placeholder

    If your slide already has a placeholder for a graphic, double-click the placeholder to open the Clip Gallery (and skip to Step 3). If the placeholder offers several content options, as is true in this example, click the Insert Clip Art button.

  2. Add a New Graphic Object

    If your slide does not already have a placeholder box, or you want to add another picture to the slide, you must add a new object box to hold the graphic. Click the Insert Clip Art button on the Drawing toolbar.

  3. Look for a Picture

    In the Select Picture dialog box that opens, type a keyword or phrase for the type of graphic you want to use and click Search. You might be prompted to log on to your Internet connection and access clip art from the Microsoft Web site.

  4. Select a Clip

    Use the scrollbars to scroll through the catalog of available clip art. When you find a piece of clip art that you want to use, click it to select it and then click OK. The clip art is inserted into the slide.

  5. Use an Image File

    If you have a graphic image file stored elsewhere on your computer, you can insert it into a slide. Choose Insert, Picture, From File to open the Insert Picture dialog box.

  6. Locate the Image

    Locate the image file you want to use. When you find the file, double-click it to insert it into your slide.



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