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Part 6. Using Outlook > Task 8 How to Import Contact Data

Task 8 How to Import Contact Data

If you already have a database of contacts in another program—whether it's an Office program such as Excel or Access or a non-Microsoft program such as Lotus Organizer—you can import the database into Outlook. You can import and export all sorts of data—contact lists, e-mail messages, tasks, appointments, meetings, and events. For example, you might want to export your sales contact list into Excel to combine it with other sales data. Use Outlook's Import and Export Wizard to walk you through the steps of the process.

  1. Open the Import and Export Wizard

    Open the File menu and choose Import and Export. The first screen of the Import and Export Wizard opens.

  2. Choose an Action

    In the first wizard dialog box, choose an import or export action. Depending on the program from which you're importing data, you might have to choose Import from another program or file or Import Internet Mail and Addresses. To export data, click Export to a file. Click Next to continue.

  3. Choose a File Type

    If you're importing data from an old e-mail program (as shown here), in the next wizard dialog box, choose the type of address file you want to import. Disable any options for kinds of data you don't want to import (such as e-mail messages). Click Next.

  4. Choose a Destination Folder

    Depending on the type of import you're performing, the remaining steps might differ from what is described here. The dialog box shown here asks you to select a destination folder to hold the imported data, such as the Contacts folder. You can also choose to replace duplicate items. Click Finish.

  5. Select What to Import

    When importing data from some programs, you'll be asked to confirm what's imported. Make your selections and click Finish.

  6. Read the Import Summary

    When the import is finished, a summary box appears, telling you how successful the import was; click OK. (If you want to save a copy of the summary, click the Save in Inbox button—you can then view the summary as an e-mail message in your Inbox.)



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