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Part 6. Using Outlook > Task 7 How to Create a New Contact

Task 7 How to Create a New Contact

Use Outlook's Contacts folder to build a database of contacts such as co-workers, relatives, vendors, or clients. You can enter all kinds of information about your contacts, including addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and so on. After you enter a contact, you can quickly fire off an e-mail message, have your modem dial the phone number for you, or display a map to the address. You can associate any item with a contact—such as a task, appointment, or meeting—and then display a history of such activities. To begin entering contacts, click the Contacts icon on the Outlook Bar.

  1. Open the Contact Form

    From the Contacts folder, click the New Contact button on the toolbar. The Contact window opens.

  2. Enter Contact Information

    Click the Full Name box and type the contact's name; then enter other information about the contact. Click inside each text box, or press the Tab key to move from field to field.

  3. Use the File As List

    Click the File as drop-down arrow and choose how you want to file your contact—by last name or first name. This field helps you sort your Contacts list, so sorting by last name is usually best. If filing by a name isn't helpful, you can type a nickname or other identifier in this field, such as dentist or plumber.

  4. Use Arrow Fields

    Outlook provides multiple fields for entering numerous phone numbers for a contact. However, if you don't see what you need, click the down arrow next to a field and select an option such as Business 2. You can enter multiple items in one field and switch between them using the down-arrow list. You can enter a business and home address this way as well.

  5. Enter E-Mail Address

    Enter the contact's E-mail address. Use the drop-down arrow to enter any additional e-mail addresses. Enter the contact's Web page address, which you can use to launch Internet Explorer. Enter an IM address, which you can use to send instant messages through the MSN Messenger service.

  6. Save the Contact

    After filling out all the pertinent information for this contact, click the Save and Close button to add the contact to your database. To enter another contact, click the Save and New button to open another Contact window.



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