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Part 6. Using Outlook > Task 3 How to Set a Recurring Appointment

Task 3 How to Set a Recurring Appointment

If your schedule is prone to recurring appointments, Outlook's Recurring Appointment features can help. Perhaps you have a monthly hair appointment. Rather than schedule each appointment separately, you can set it up as a recurring appointment. Outlook adds the appointment to each month's calendar for you automatically. With the Recurring Appointment feature, you can specify the recurrence pattern to tell Outlook how often the appointment occurs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly), on which day of the week it falls, and other related options. You can use this same procedure to create recurring meetings and events as well.

  1. Schedule a Recurring Appointment

    To schedule a recurring appointment from the Appointment window, click the Recurrence button. (To create a recurring appointment from within Calendar, choose Actions, New Recurring Appointment.) The Appointment Recurrence dialog box opens.

  2. Enter a Recurrence Pattern

    In the Recurrence pattern area of the dialog box, enable the check boxes that identify the frequency of the appointment and the day on which the appointment falls: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

  3. Refine the Pattern

    Depending on the selection you made in Step 2, the remaining recurrence options will vary. If you select Weekly, for example, you can specify every week or every other week.

  4. Range of Recurrence

    Use the Range of recurrence options to enter any limits to the recurring appointment. Suppose that you have to schedule five doctor visits over the next five months but won't need the appointment after that. Use the End after option to set such a range. Click OK.

  5. Save the Appointment

    The Appointment window displays the recurrence pattern. Click the Save and Close button to save the appointment and all its occurrences.

  6. View the Appointment

    The recurring appointment now appears on your calendar with a double-arrow icon to indicate that it's a recurring appointment.



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