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Part 6. Using Outlook > Task 2 How to Schedule an Appointment

Task 2 How to Schedule an Appointment

Use Outlook's Calendar feature to keep track of appointments, events, and any other special engagements. When you open the Calendar folder, Outlook displays your daily schedule in the appointment area, along with a Date Navigator and a miniaturized version of your TaskPad. (If not, you can change to this view by clicking the 1 Day button.) You can easily add appointments to your calendar and set reminder alarms to let you know of imminent appointments. To open Calendar, click the Calendar icon on the Outlook Bar.

  1. Choose a Date

    In the Date Navigator, select the month and date for the appointment. When you click the date, the appointment area changes to display that date. Notice that the current date is always highlighted with a red border in the Date Navigator.

  2. Choose a Time

    In the appointment area, double-click the time slot for which you want to schedule an appointment. This action opens the Appointment window.

  3. Fill Out the Form

    The Appointment window is actually a form you can use to enter details about the appointment. Fill out the Subject and Location text boxes. For example, type the name of the person you're meeting with and the place where you're meeting. Click inside the text boxes or use the Tab key to move from field to field.

  4. Enter Appointment Details

    Use the Start time and End time drop-down arrows to set or change the date and time of the appointment. By default, Outlook schedules your appointments in 30-minute increments, but you can easily set a longer time increment.

  5. Need a Reminder?

    Enable the Reminder check box if you want Outlook to remind you about the appointment with a prompt box and an audible beep. (Outlook must be running for the beep to sound, but the program can be minimized.) Specify how long before the appointment you want to be reminded.

  6. Save and Close

    To help organize your appointments, you can select a color to highlight the appointment with from the Label list. Type any notes in the large text box along with any other details you want to include with the appointment. Click the Save and Close button on the Appointment window's toolbar to close the form and return to Calendar. Note that any days on which you have scheduled appointments, meetings, or events appear in bold in the Date Navigator.



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