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Part 6. Using Outlook > Task 14 How to Clean Up the Mailbox

Task 14 How to Clean Up the Mailbox

With as many e-mail messages as most people receive, it's easy for your Inbox to become very full very fast. Ordinarily, the process of managing e-mail can be quite daunting, but Outlook makes the process easy. To help remove clutter and restore disk space, use the Mailbox Cleanup feature. With Mailbox Cleanup, you can view the current size of your Inbox, locate old or large files, archive old messages in a separate file that you can open later when needed, or delete old messages permanently.

  1. Open Mailbox Cleanup

    From the Tools menu, select Mailbox Cleanup. The Mailbox Cleanup dialog box opens.

  2. Determine Inbox Size

    Click the Click here button at the top of the dialog box to open the Folder Size dialog box, which displays the size of your Inbox folder and subfolders. Click Close when you're done scanning this information.

  3. Locate Messages

    To locate old messages, enable the Find items older than 90 days option. To locate large messages, click the Find items larger than XXX kilobytes option. (You can type a new time interval or file size as needed.) Click Find.

  4. Delete Messages

    Outlook locates message that meet the criteria you specified in Step 3 and opens the Advanced Find dialog box to provide additional search options and a list of the matches. Select the messages you no longer need and press Delete. (Use the More Choices or Advanced tab to refine your search.) The items are moved to the Deleted Items folder. When you're through, click the window's Close button.

  5. Archive Messages

    To archive messages and other Outlook items, click AutoArchive. Old items are placed in an archive file or deleted, based on the current archive settings.

  6. Empty the Deleted Items Folder

    To permanently remove any items you have deleted recently, click Empty. (If you're wondering just how big your Deleted Items folder is, click the Click here button to see information about that folder before you continue.)



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