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Part 6. Using Outlook > Task 10 How to Compose and Send a Message

Task 10 How to Compose and Send a Message

Providing that you have the correct e-mail address, you can use Outlook to send a message to anyone with an e-mail account. As do the other Outlook components, the e-mail portion features a message form you fill out. You can even add formatting to your message. Before you can use Outlook's e-mail options, you must set up Outlook to work with your e-mail service—see the How-To Hints for help. Then click the Inbox icon on the Outlook Bar when you're ready to begin.

  1. Open a New Message Form

    Click the New Mail Message button on the toolbar to open the Message window.

  2. Enter the Recipients

    Click inside the To text box and type the recipient's name. Outlook will recognize the name and insert the appropriate e-mail address. (If the person is not in your Contacts list, type that person's e-mail address instead.) To send the message to multiple recipients, type a semicolon between each name.

  3. Send Someone a Carbon Copy

    To send a carbon copy of the message to someone else, enter that person's name in the Cc text box. To send blind carbon copies (carbon copies that are kept secret from each recipient), choose View, Bcc Field to display the Bcc text box, and then enter the names of those recipients. (You can also click the To, Cc, or Bcc button and select names from your Contacts list rather than typing them.)

  4. Enter the Subject

    Click in the Subject text box and type a phrase to identify the content or purpose of your message. The recipients will see the Subject line in their Inboxes and have some idea what your message is about even before reading it.

  5. Type Your Message

    Click in the large message text box and type your message text. When you type to the end of a line, Outlook automatically wraps the text to the next line for you. Use the Delete and Backspace keys to fix mistakes, just as you would in a Microsoft Word document. Use the Formatting toolbar to apply different fonts, sizes, and other attributes to your text.

  6. Send the Message

    To send the message, click the Send button. If you're offline (that is, if you aren't connected to the Internet or network), the message waits in your Outbox until the next time you go online to collect your mail.



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