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Part 7. Using Office's Internet Tools > Task 8 How to Participate in SharePoint...

Task 8 How to Participate in SharePoint Discussions

One of the more powerful tools on SharePoint Team Web sites is the ability for members to participate in discussions. For example, a discussion board might be used to discuss recent policy changes or a chronic problem and the best way to solve it. Discussions form a common thread that links the related comments together, making it easy for you to follow what everyone has already discussed before adding your own comments. In addition, you can discuss individual documents, adding your comments to the document itself. You might use this technique to improve a common document such as a client letter.

  1. Display Discussion Boards

    Start Internet Explorer and type the URL for the SharePoint Team Web site you want to access. On the Links bar, click Discussion Boards. The Discussion Boards window for your team site opens.

  2. Select a Discussion Board

    Click the name of the board in which you want to participate. (If no one's added any additional boards, there might be only one board listed—the General Discussion board.)

  3. View a Discussion

    The comments that have been submitted to this discussion board are listed in the order in which the first message for a thread was created. Click the discussion comment you want to view.

  4. Read the Comment

    The comment appears at the top of the window. Related comments appear below the first comment, slightly indented. To view a related comment, click it. To add your own thoughts to a comment, click Reply.

  5. Type Your Reply

    Type your comments in the text box and click Save and Close. Your reply is listed along with the other comments in this thread. Click Go back to discussion board to redisplay the list of threads.

  6. Create a Discussion

    To start your own discussion (also called a thread), click New Discussion. For example, on a project's discussion board, if no one has discussed the new schedule, you might want to start a new thread in which replies to your original comment (and replies to those replies) might be found.

  7. Enter Discussion Information

    Type a title for the new discussion thread in the Subject Name box. Type your initial thoughts in the Text box and click Save and Close.

  8. Discuss a Document

    To view a shared HTML document and add your comments to it, click Discussion Boards on the Link bar.

  9. Click Discuss a Document

    On the Discussions Boards window, click the Discuss a Document button.

  10. Type an Address

    Type the URL of the HTML document (the Web page) you want to discuss in the Document URL text box, and then click Discuss. This document must be located in a shared folder—on your hard disk or on the company's intranet. You might want to upload the document to the SharePoint site first; if so, see Task 7 for help. If you're not sure of the document's address, view it in your browser first and then copy and paste its URL into the Document URL text box.

  11. Position a Comment

    The document is displayed, and the Web Discussions toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. To add a specific comment, click within the text you want to comment about; to add a general comment, don't click anywhere. Click the Insert Discussions in the Document button on the Web Discussions toolbar.

  12. Type Your Comments

    In the Enter Discussion Text dialog box that opens, type a Discussion Subject, enter your comments, and then click OK.

  13. View Your Comment

    Comments that you make appear with your name next to them in the Discussion pane. To make changes to the comment, click the comment's page icon and select Edit from the drop-down menu. To view other comments, scroll through the Discussion pane.

  14. Reply to a Comment

    To create a reply to someone else's comment, click the page icon for the comment and choose Reply from the drop-down menu. Type your reply and click OK.



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