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Part 7. Using Office's Internet Tools > Task 7 How to Collaborate Online

Task 7 How to Collaborate Online

Using SharePoint Team Web sites, you can share files, participate in group discussions, add comments to shared documents, alert members to upcoming events and make other announcements, share your favorite Web links, and even subscribe to particular folders so that you can be notified by e-mail when there's been a change to the folder's contents. Shared files are stored in document libraries you can search. After you locate the file you need, you can open it in any Office program, make changes, and save it back to the Team Web site. SharePoint Team Web sites are typically set up by your company's network administrator. Ask your administrator for the URL address of the home page (called the Digital Dashboard) and the user name and password you need to access the site.

  1. Display the Home Page

    Start Internet Explorer and display the Team Web site's home page by typing its URL into the Address box and pressing Enter. The site opens in Internet Explorer.

  2. View Home Page

    The Quick Launch bar on the left side of the screen and the Links bar at the top link you to the features on the site. General announcements and a list of events appear in the middle area. Links to related sites appear on the right side of the screen.

  3. Display Library List

    To view a list of documents and document folders available to team members, click the Documents button on the Links bar.

  4. Open a Library

    If applicable, display the documents in a document library by clicking the name of the library. If all the documents on the site are stored in the same folder, there may not be any libraries listed or you may see only the Shared Documents library/folder.

  5. View a Document

    To open a document for viewing only, click its name (to edit a document, see Step 7). You're presented with the option to save the file to your hard disk or simply open it. Select Open this file from its current location and click OK.

  6. Close the Document

    The selected file opens in the browser window. When you're done viewing the document, click the Back button in the browser's toolbar. The Shared Documents window reappears onscreen.

  7. Edit a Document

    To make changes to a document, click the Edit button that appears after the document's name.

  8. Select a Program

    Click Edit in <application>, where <application> is the name of the program associated with the document you want to edit. In this example, the document I want to edit is a Microsoft Excel file, so the button reads Edit in Microsoft Excel.

  9. Make Changes

    The Office program you selected opens so that you can make changes to the document. When you're through making changes, click the Back button on the browser's toolbar.

  10. Add a Document

    You can add a document to the site for others to view and edit. From any folder window, click Upload Document. The <folder name>: Upload Document screen appears. In this example, I'm uploading a document to the Shared Documents folder.

  11. Select a File

    Click Browse to browse for the document you want to add to the site. Using the Choose file dialog box, select the document you want to share. The document you choose can be on your hard drive (click My Documents on the Places bar) or on the network (click Network Places on the Places bar). When you've located the document, click Open.

  12. Upload the File

    You return to the Upload Document page. If you want this file to replace a file of the same name that's already on the site, enable the Overwrite if document already exists? option. Click Save and Close.

  13. Subscribe to a Library

    If you want to be notified when changes are made to documents in a particular library, click Subscribe from any open folder window. The New Subscription window opens.

  14. Complete the Subscription

    Select the content you want to monitor from the Subscribe to box. Choose when you want to be notified from the Notify me when list; choose how often you want to be notified from the Time list. Type your e-mail address in the E-mail address box, and click OK.



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